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Message from General Manager

Message from General Manager

Mr. Aqeel Abdul Rasool Al-A'ali

For nearly a quarter century, Al-Moalem Institute (AMI) has started delivering its noble mission which is training and developing human resources in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arabian region. This is an essential national mission, thus, we have reaped its benefits through all who have participated in Al-Moalem Institute long or short term programmes. AMI has trained over 50,000 candidates over this period and still it offers its programmes seeking for the best and Excellency, benefiting from the best experts and consultants with high knowledge and experience, and from the provision of international professional certifications and accreditations.

Thanks and appreciation to all our sustaining clients, trainees, trainers and AMI crew who have worked with us and have chosen AMI to be developed through. Thanks and Appreciation extend to every friend who has benefited us with his opinion, and we hope AMI sustains as a leading excellence training edifice accepted by all.

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