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Certified Accounting Technician

Course Title: Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business
Awarded By: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Course Category: Accounting & Finance
Course Duration: 120 Hours

Course Aim

To achieve this award, you will need to complete the foundation-level qualifications and two of the three specialist exams alongside the Foundations in Professionalism module.


Target Audience

Suitable for those aspiring to work or already working in:

  • a wide ranging and responsible accounting role in an SME
  • a financial reporting and/or financial decision-support role, possibly in a supervisory role, within an accounting department of a larger organisation
  • a financial supervisory or management role in accounts payables and/or receivables, or a financial role in fixed asset accounting or in financial shared service centers
  • an accounting technician role in a commercial organisation.


Course Details

To achieve this award, you will need to complete two of the three specialist exams:

  • FAU – Foundations in Audit
    To develop knowledge and understanding of the principles of external audit and the audit process and technical proficiency in the skills used for auditing financial statements.
  • FTX – Foundations in Taxation
    To develop the ability to prepare computations of tax liability for both individuals and businesses for the purposes of income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and value added tax. In addition, to develop knowledge and understanding of the manner in which dealings must be conducted including knowledge of the statutory timescales for the submission of claims and returns and the due dates for the payment of tax liabilities.
  • FFM – Foundations in Financial Management
    To develop knowledge and understanding of the way organisations finance their operations, plan and control cash flows, optimise their use of working capital and allocate resources to capital expenditure projects.


Course Details

After this course preparation, students will be able to explain and understand:

  • Explain the purpose and scope of an audit and its regulatory framework
  • Explain how an auditor assesses risk and plans an audit
  • Identify the principles of internal control and describe and evaluate the features of information systems
  • Identify and describe audit evidence and audit procedures required to meet the objectives of an audit and apply International Standards on Auditing
  • Explain how the audit is completed and reflected in the different types of audit report.
  • Prepare adjusted profit / loss computations for trades and professions
  • Compute the income tax liability of individuals, and prepare the income tax return
  • Explain and compute the chargeable gains and capital gains tax liability arising on individuals
  • Compute the corporation tax liability of a company, including any chargeable gains, and prepare the corporation tax return
  • Explain and compute the effects of value added tax on incorporated and unincorporated businesses and prepare returns.
  • Explain and apply the principles of working capital management
  • Apply a range of accounting techniques used to forecast cash within the organisation
  • Describe methods and procedures for managing cash balances
  • Explain principles in making medium to long term financial decisions
  • Explain and apply principles in making capital investment decisions
  • Describe credit management methods and procedures.
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