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Awarding Bodies

Awarding Bodies

Our Awarding Bodies & Certification Providers

Al Moalem Institute offers the latest courses across a large number of qualifications. Our portfolio of training programs enables us to create a broad range of programs to our clients. We have successfully connected thousands of students over the last two decades to the world’s most recognized qualifications. Our training services have helped trainees to gain access to their dreamed qualifications which has proved to be their passport for success in their professional and personal lives.

Our affiliations with the world’s leading qualifications have made us a trusted source for training consultancy throughout the region. These qualifications provide access to the best distance learning and classroom learning courses.

All programs are tailored to create reliability and affordability for our clients. These strategic partnerships with international affiliations have been our ongoing aim of emphasizing to clients that we have the most reliable resources of bespoke courses. Al Moalem Institute’s consultancy and training solutions are designed and delivered by an exceptionally well qualified consultants and trainers who has vast industry experience in the in the region and across the globe. We endeavor to distinguish and attain international benchmark than to nod to ordinary training. With our partners, we are confident that we can meet your expectations according to the highest international standards, by making a performance difference to your aim bringing you with fresh approaches towards learning a qualification.

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