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Smart Selling Skills

Course Title: Smart Selling Skills
Awarded By: Al Moalem Institute
Course Category: Management, Administration & General Business Skills
Course Duration: 20 Hours

Course Aim

Give participants the necessary capacity through the right knowledge to deal and invest mistakes in a way. Effective ways and trying to overcome them.


Target Audience

Industry / job roles – Any industry with complex sales cycle / Sales, Technical Sales or any role involved in closing deals


Course Details

This course will cover the following key topics:

  • Intensive course consists of axes dealing with the most important sciences and arts and modern smart selling steps and skills
  • Ways to deal with objections and rejection of clients in a smart way and revealed many of the secrets of modern sales
  • Smart sales titles, types and steps to increase sales in modern methods and effort
  • The participants in the modern game in the field of sales and sales in a smart way also addresses the ways of some modern selling skills, as well as many familiar examples with the introduction of seven smart selling skills which changed a lot in the world of sales and sales in addition to the psychology of sales and modern sales.


Learning Outcome

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Map out a client relationship analysis map for a sales opportunity and identify the internal and external players
  2. Prepare a sales opportunity action plan with one client visit plan by using the calling planning tool template provided.
  3. Use 7 closing techniques to close a sale.
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