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Positive Behavior Skills for Employees

Course Title: Positive Behavior Skills for Employees
Awarded By: Al Moalem Institute
Course Category: Management, Administration & General Business Skills
Course Duration: 15 Hours

Course Aim

This course will equip managers with skills needed to manage staff with challenging behavior. We will explore different types of challenging behavior, and the consequences of letting them go unchallenged. There will be a strong focus on how to prepare, conduct, and follow-up difficult conversations with staff displaying challenging behavior.


Target Audience

  • New leaders who want to influence employee behaviors.
  • Seasoned leaders who want a new perspective to approach uncooperative employees.


Course Details

This course will cover the following key topics:

  • Understand the connection between leadership and organizational behavior.
  • Make the connection between values and behavior.
  • Gain insight into your personality and your employees' personalities.
  • Utilize empathy to solve problems and impact employee competence.
  • Understand how perceptions are formed which then reinforce and influence behaviors.
  • Manipulate behavioral factors contributing to job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
  • Motivate employees with their innate needs.
  • Examine the views of communication.


Learning Outcome

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Prolong a positive impact on your employees
  2. Influence behavior
  3. Connect employee values to desired behaviors
  4. Implement employees according to their personality strengths
  5. Utilize emotional intelligence to improve your personal and social competence
  6. Explore perceptions to influence behavior
  7. Shape the attitude-behavior link
  8. Motivate employees through classic techniques
  9. Lead by example with Corporate Athleticism
  10. Earn the trust of your employees
  11. Use effective communication to influence behavior
  12. Persuade employ