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Performance Management

Course Title: Performance Management
Awarded By: Al Moalem Institute
Course Category: Management, Administration & General Business Skills
Course Duration: 32 Hours

Course Aim

Performance Management is making sure the employee and the organization are focused on the same priorities. It touches on the organization itself by improving production and reducing waste. It helps the employee or individual set and meet their goals and improves the employee manager relationship. This is key in keeping an organization and employee aligned, which improves performance and productivity, is Performance Management.


Target Audience

  • Companies, organizations, or individuals who wants to enhance their learning about working with employees to align their goals with company’s goals.
  • Managers who wants to learn how to coach for performance, how to have constructive conversations with employees and how to support employee’s development.


Course Details

This course will cover the following key topics:

  • The Process of Performance Management
  • Goal Setting
  • The Role of The Manager Before Assessment
  • The Formal Performance Review
  • Difficult Topics


Learning Outcome

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Identify and define employee’s goals in order to create alignment with company objectives
  2. Create effective development plans with employees that support their goals, potential and career aspirations
  3. Constructively assess employee’s performance with action plans for future goals and targets
  4. How to manage different levels of performance from employees to promote positive momentum within the work environment
  5. How to give and receive feedback to promote improvement