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LCCI English for Business Preliminary Course

Course Title: LCCI English for Business Preliminary Course
Awarded By: Pearson LCCI
Course Category: Languages
Course Duration: 60 Hours

Course Aim

This qualification is intended for candidates who have achieved a fundamental understanding of English is a business context and who have the ability to use the language in a practical way at a very basic level.


Target Audience

  • Students are assessed in the institute if they fall under this level. Assessment will consist of: Speaking, Grammar, Writing, and Reading


Course Details

This course will cover the following key topics


  • Reading and Writing
    • Basic office or place of work descriptions
    • Basic jobs and roles in a work context
    • Basic social language within a business context
    • Basic work or business-related instructions and directions
    • Simple numerical information
    • Standard business or work-related messages
  • Speaking
    • The English for Business Speaking Test is a test of English with a commercial and business focus, so candidates will be tested for their competence in English within a general business and/or commercial context.


Learning Outcome

  1. identify basic data, facts and instructions
  2. produce basic, formulaic text
  3. listen and understand short, basic, business-related English conversations and announcements
  4. understand basic, spoken and recorded business English
  5. participate in short conversations in routine contexts.
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