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JETSET Foundation

Course Title: JETSET Foundation
Awarded By: Pearson LCCI
Course Category: Languages
Course Duration: 32 Hours

Course Aim

These international ESOL qualifications have been designed to develop and assess a candidate’s ability to communicate in English, in everyday situations. The tests are taken under examination conditions at increasing levels of difficulty and cover the four skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


Target Audience

  • Students are assessed in the institute if they fall under this level. Assessment will consist of: Speaking, Grammar, Writing, and Reading


Course Details

This course will cover the following key topics

  • Listening (JETSET Foundation)
  • Reading (JETSET Foundation)
  • Writing (JETSET Foundation)
  • Speaking (JETSET Foundation)


Learning Outcome

  1. develop their knowledge and understanding of the spoken and written forms of English in meaningful contexts
  2. develop their ability to listen and read for gist and detail; and apply knowledge and understanding to speaking and writing
  3. develop their ability to communicate effectively in English through the written and spoken word
  4. develop their knowledge and understanding of English grammar, and the ability to apply it accurately in the appropriate context
  5. lay a suitable foundation for the further study of the language
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