IQ Functional Skills Level 1

Course Title: IQ Functional Skills Level 1
Awarded By: Industry Qualifications
Course Category: Languages
Course Duration: 60 Hours

Course Aim

Functional Skills English are free standing qualifications designed to give learners the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. They have been created in response to employers’ recommendations that learners would benefit from a thorough grounding in the basics and the ability to problem-solve.


Target Audience

  • Students are assessed in the institute if they fall under this level. Assessment will consist of: Speaking, Grammar, Writing, and Reading


Course Details

This course will cover the following key topics:

  • Speaking, listening and communication (SLC) - Participate in and understand the main points of simple discussions/exchanges about familiar topics with another person in a familiar situation
    •  Make relevant and extended contributions to discussions, allowing for and responding to others’ input
    • Prepare for and contribute to the formal discussion of ideas and opinions
    • Make different kinds of contributions to discussions
    • Present information/points of view clearly and in appropriate language
  • Reading - Read and understand short, simple texts that explain or recount information
    1. Identify the main points and ideas and how they are presented in a variety of texts
    2. Read and understand texts in detail
    3. Utilise information contained in texts
    4. Identify suitable responses to texts
    5. In more than one type of text
  • Writing- Write short, simple sentences
    • Write clearly and coherently, including an appropriate level of detail
    • Present information in a logical sequence
    • Use language, format and structure suitable for purpose and audience
    • Use correct grammar, including correct and consistent use of tense
    • Ensure written work includes generally accurate punctuation and spelling and that meaning is clear
    • In more than one type of text


Learning Outcome

Learners can progress to further Functional Skills English qualifications as they have been designed to encourage progress through each of the levels. Each level subsumes the previous level