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Before filling this form, Please keep a clear scanned copy (JPG/PDF format) of
  • Passport - 1st and the Last Page of Personal Details
  • CPR - Central Population Record
  • SSLC - Secondary School Leaving Certificate


Please make sure that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions.

Enrolment/acceptance/course – Learners are accepted on the course upon successfully meeting the requirements of the programme. For internationally accredited programme that entails external examination, acceptance to external examination is at the sole discretion of the Awarding Body. It is learner’s responsibility to complete the course and the related assessments, including reports, portfolios, examinations and course related evidences.
Payment and Course fees – Depending on the chosen course, Al Moalem Institute may require learner to pay advance or full course fees. Student will not be able to start the course without the fee payment.
Cancellation of course – Al Moalem Institute offers courses on the basis that there will be enough participants to conduct the course. Courses may be cancelled or re-scheduled if there is insufficient number of participants. Al Moalem Institute’s liability in the event of cancelation is limited to the amount of the paid course fees. Learner can cancel the course any time before the course commencement or registration with the awarding body. If the learner wishes to cancel the course, they must fill up the cancellation/withdrawal form. Refund will be processed within 5 working days upon receipt of the cancellation/ withdrawal form. No refunds will be given after the commencement of the course. No Payments will be made to the third party.
Tamkeen Funded Learners – Learners that are funded by Tamkeen and wishes to withdraw from the course must withdraw within one week from the time the course started. If the Learner withdraws after the one-week period has lapsed, learner will be liable to pay Al Moalem Institute the course fees in full or as assessed by Al Moalem Institute. Learners who do not pass the examination are required to take resit for the exam and the learners are liable to pay examination fee.
Data protection – By giving us your details, the learner gives AL Moalem Institute consent to use of any data provided by the learner for the purpose of registering with Al Moalem Institute, communication regarding the course and registering with the awarding body. These also include meeting regulatory requirements and use of the learner photo taken during the training for Al Moalem’s official use and marketing purposes. Learners are advised not to share or disclose any personal information about the staff or fellow students. Any personal information provided by the student will be kept private and confidential.
Health and Safety – Learners are expected to adhere to Al Moalem Institute’s H & S Policy and Procedures. Al Moalem Institute adheres to the Equal Opportunity and recognizes and values diversity and deference and is actively working to ensure that learning is non-discriminatory in nature. Further, Al Moalem Institute has a Grievance Policy in place to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally.
Course Information/Certification – Al Moalem Institute has made every makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information provided through this website, published materials, is accurate at the time of inclusion. However, there may be inadvertent and occasional errors, including typographical errors, for which we apologise. AL Moalem Institute reserves the right to introduce changes to the information provided, including the addition, withdrawal, or restructuring of its courses. Please refer to for more details. Certificate will be issued upon successfully completion of the course. Fees must be paid for duplicate copy of the certificate already issued. Certificate must be claimed within 6 months from completing the programme. Certificate of participation is issued to learners who have attended at least 70% of the total training hours. The Institute will not issue a local certificate for internationally accredited programs.
Information - Any information in this application form provided by you must be accurate, up to date and complete.
Any change should be notified to the institute at the earliest.

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